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Low Energy Caused by Metals and The Medical Medium Solution

The traditional American diet may have you feeling lethargic because of a buildup of metals. Yes, that's right, METALS.  When you consume certain foods, they may contain micro amounts of metals that get caught in your body because your body cannot process such elements.  This buildup is taxing on your system and can often result in skin abnormalities, lethargy, and illness.  Furthermore, this taxation often contributes to brain fog and a lack of energy. 

Anthony Williams is the founder of Medical Medium.  While he is not a doctor, his diet is widely and highly praised for its success. Medical Medium utilizes food to help rid of toxic metals. Williams specifically promotes CELERY JUICE as the key to this diet.  He equates celery juice to being a, "miracle juice."  The magnesium and iron in celery juice help monitor the body's acidity levels.

We tried Medical Medium for a week, and the results are real.  Not only did we drop a few pounds as a group, but we felt better mentally.  Our mental clarity felt sharpened. It was not just in our head.  Our bodies felt cleaner, and were therefore able to perform better.  While none of this is backed by medical research, this is our personal testimonial of praise.

If you wish to partake in a Medical Medium cleanse here is how you can prep.  Firstly, buy the book on Amazon.  It's always best to have the physical book.  Then purchase a juice processor.  We recommend Breville the Juice Fountain Cold Plus.

Breville The Juice Fountain Cold Plus, $279. Available at Bed Bath & Beyond.

While there are less expensive options- you get what you pay for ultimately.  We also recommend purchasing tall clear jugs with suction lids to help properly store the juices.


Good luck, and let us know if you try the Medical Medium. 

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