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Combat Gym Acne

Nobody wants acne- not even when you're sweating profusely at the gym.  Everybody wants selfie ready skin.  So how do you break a sweat, yet avoid the acne from the sweat?  Here are some of our tips and tricks  to help you get to the bottom of this conundrum.

Here are our top four recommendations in overview form:

1. Wash your face. The obvious- before and after you break a sweat.  Before you workout, it is important to rid your face of dirt and bacteria.  When you sweat your pores open up, which allows for dirt to easily be trapped and create more pimples. We specifically recommend cleansers with Benzoyl peroxide because this helps to reduce  acne-causing bacteria known as Cutibacterium acnes.

2. Spray spray spray.  If you suffer from bacterial induced acne all over (your face and body,) then an antibacterial spray  may be great for you.  It achieves a wide coverage with the spray mechanism, and will not irritate your skin when you sweat.  We recommend Paula's Choice Clear Acne Body Spray , $25. This product is also organic and free of harsh chemicals.

Paula's Choice Clear Acne Body Spray 

3. Infrared Sauna. While sweating can often lead to more pimples, it can also help to clear your acne.  Using an infrared sauna is our favorite hack post-workout to clear that acne away.  The infrared penetrates your skin, your pores open up, and the guck beneath, well you sweat that guck!  

4. You are what you eat. Avoiding certain foods may help to prevent gym acne.  For starters, avoid refined carbs and processed foods.  Consuming processed foods increases inflammation throughout the body, consequently creating more oils in the body which clogs pores. Opt for healthy fats and leafy greens.  If our team had to pick our favorite skin foods it would be celery juice and salmon.  


What are your hacks to combat gym acne?  If you feel like sharing your tips and tricks, email us.  

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