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Who we are

Back Story

One month into COVID-19 we wanted to get out and stay active. Germs- gross. Germs before COVID-19- still gross. Using a spinning bike with somebody’s sweat from the last class, or even touching a subway pole- double gross.

That’s when Distantly Active was born. Created out of a market gap, these gloves are stylish and cool while providing proper protection and support to help you stay active. This badassery female-led company is headquartered in the tropics of Miami. 


The Brand

To be Distantly Active is to be badassery no matter the circumstances-but make it cute. A Distantly Active girl is dripping sweat, and proud of it. She views herself as an invincible force of nature. There is nothing stopping her from achieving her feats and so she can take on the world. She makes no excuses, minus the weekly cheat day pizza.  She is known to make a statement and make waves while being this badass chick with her on-fleek fashionista accessories. She never skips a beat.